Friday 8 November 2024
  Date:  Friday 8 November 2024
  Time: TBA
  Venue:  St Matthew’s Church, Kettering Road, Northampton, NN1 4RY
Tickets:  TBC
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  Ticket Information: More information about seating at the venue and obtaining tickets will be made available nearer to the event date.

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As the autumn leaves begin to fall, marking the arrival of November, the Northampton Bach Choir will be preparing to host a concert that resonates with the theme of remembrance and reflection. This special event, dedicated to those we've lost, promises to be a poignant evening filled with music that touches the soul.

In an effort to commemorate through melody and harmony, the choir has selected pieces that speak deeply to the human experience of loss, hope, and the everlasting beauty of life. The concert will feature three significant works, each carrying its own unique narrative and emotional depth.

The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams, known for its sublime beauty and serene landscapes, will open the concert. This piece, inspired by George Meredith's poem of the same name, captures the essence of a lark's flight into the sky, symbolizing the ascent of the soul and offering a moment of peace and transcendence to the audience.

Following this, the choir will present Triptych by Tarik O’Regan. This contemporary masterpiece, rich in texture and complexity, explores the themes of life's transient nature and the continuum of birth, life, and rebirth. O'Regan's work is a reflective journey, inviting listeners to ponder the cycles of existence against a backdrop of captivating musical expression.

The evening will culminate with Mozart's Requiem, a composition that has moved audiences for centuries with its profound beauty and emotional depth. The Requiem's movements, from the somber Dies Irae to the hopeful Lacrimosa, offer a spectrum of emotions, encapsulating the sorrow of loss and the hopeful promise of redemption.

This concert is more than just a musical event; it is a communal space for reflection, healing, and remembrance.

Enhancing the evening's performances, the Northampton Bach Choir is proud to be accompanied once again by the esteemed Bach Camerata. This distinguished ensemble, renowned for its precision, passion, and profound musicality, brings an additional layer of depth to the concert's repertoire. Comprising talented musicians who specialize in Baroque and classical music, the Bach Camerata's collaboration ensures an authentic and emotionally resonant experience. The synergy between the choir and the Camerata promises to bring each composition to life, offering attendees an immersive journey through the power of music and memory.

As the days grow shorter and we find ourselves in a season of reflection, the Northampton Bach Choir's Remembrance Concert offers a beacon of light through the power of music. This November, join us for an evening that promises not only to remember the past but to inspire hope for the future.


Northampton Bach Choir
Bach Camerata
Professional soloists

The Lark Ascending (Vaughan Williams)
Triptych (Tarik O’Regan)
Requiem (Mozart)

Rowan Dymott - Violin