Then Sing We All
Saturday 21 June 2025
  Date:  Saturday 21 June 2025
  Time: TBA
  Venue:  Christ Church, 3 Christchurch Rd, Northampton, NN1 5LL
Tickets:  TBC
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The Northampton Bach Choir invites you to experience "Then Sing We All," a concert that promises to be a unique fusion of classical harmony and contemporary flair. Scheduled to take place at Christ Church, this musical event will showcase an eclectic mix of works that span centuries, united by the theme of celebration through song.

At the core of the evening's program is Schubert's Mass in G, a masterpiece that captures the essence of early 19th-century sacred music with its lyrical beauty and emotional depth. This work remains a cornerstone of choral repertoires around the world, celebrated for its melodious lines and profound expressiveness.

In stark contrast yet complementing Schubert's classicism, Mass in Blue by Will Todd introduces a vibrant blend of jazz and blues into the sacred context. This innovative mass setting, characterized by its rhythmic energy and soulful melodies, has captivated audiences globally with its accessible, uplifting spirit.

Completing the trio of featured works is Iain Farrington's Then Sing We All, a piece that was composed for the centenary of Twickenham Choral and their conductor, Christopher Herrick. Farrington, known for his ability to weave diverse musical threads into cohesive, engaging compositions, promises to deliver a work that encapsulates the joy of communal singing and the celebratory essence of the concert's title.

The Northampton Bach Choir will be accompanied by the Will Todd Trio, whose versatility and skill in jazz performance are set to elevate Mass in Blue to new heights. The collaboration between choir and trio underscores the concert's theme of blending tradition with innovation.

Further enriching the musical texture, the Bach Camerata strings will lend their exquisite sounds to the evening. This ensemble, renowned for their finesse and interpretive sensitivity, will complement both the choral and jazz elements, providing a seamless bridge between the classical and contemporary works.

"Then Sing We All" is not just a concert; it's a celebration of music's enduring power to bring people together, to evoke emotion, and to transcend boundaries. The Northampton Bach Choir, under the vibrant leadership of its musical director, is thrilled to present an evening that reflects its commitment to musical diversity and excellence.

As we navigate through these trying times, music remains a beacon of hope and joy. "Then Sing We All" promises to be a testament to the resilience and beauty of the human spirit, expressed through the universal language of music. We look forward to welcoming you to an evening that promises not only to entertain but to inspire.


Northampton Bach Choir
Will Todd trio (TBC)
Bach Camerata Strings

Mass in G (Schubert)
Mass in Blue
(Will Todd)
Then sing we all
(Iain Farrington)