Details of the Voice Test
Auditioning for the choir
Northampton Bach Choir is an auditioning group. This means you are required to have a short voice test with our Music Director before being admitted to the choir. This is typically arranged via the Membership Secretary a week or two after your first rehearsal with us.

The principal purpose of the voice test is for the Music Director to determine your vocal suitability for joining the choir and the voice part most suited to your vocal range.

In the voice test you will be asked to sing something you have prepared – for experienced singers this might be a classical song, for people who haven’t sung for many years, this can be as simple as a well-known hymn, folk song or Christmas carol. There will also be simple rhythmic and melodic ear tests, and a short test to see how comfortable you are with the basic terms used in our scores.

Many other auditioned choirs require you to sight-read a piece of music. We don’t as we wish to maintain a balance between attracting and retaining good singers as well as being a choir for all musical abilities.