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13 June 2024
2023/24 season finishes at Christ Church


28 June 2023
A Rousing end to the 2022/23 Season with Viva Italia!
9 June 2023
Cathedral Visits - Summer 2023
12 May 2023
Simon Toyne appointed as our new Musical Director
20 March 2023
Dame Ethel Smyth Mass in D - A resounding success!
13 February 2023
The Ethel Smyth full score has arrived











Virtual Video

14 April 2021

Whilst it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we have been working hard for our members, friends, and followers, over the past year, rehearsing on Zoom, increasing our listening through our Facebook and Twitter pages, and hosting additional sessions with experts all over the world. Up until now we haven’t done our own Virtual Video, but we are delighted to launch this today, with our performance of Jonathan Reid’s Measure me, sky! - a setting of words by Leonora Speyer (1872-1956).

Measure Me, Sky! on YouTube

The process for making these recordings is quite complex! We learn our parts individually and in rehearsal, and then sing individually - alone and at home - each line. This requires headphones and at least two devices - one to play the backing music and one to record the videos. All of these audio and video feeds then have to be uploaded to a website (which seems to be the trickiest bit of all) and an editor (in this case the wonderful Alex Haigh) brings them all together, gets them in sync, and edits so that everything is as aligned as possible. Compared to our previous experience of making our own recordings it is quite different, with considerably fewer problems with tuning, but considerably more problems with rhythm!

We are delighted that such a large number of our membership decided to give it a go, even though it certainly lived up to Lee’s expectation of being a pretty gruelling experience (think about listening to your own voice on an answerphone, and then imagine listening to your own singing voice, a cappella)! Huge thanks to Alex for the editing, and to Dan Forrest for recording the backing piano part via his Beckenhorst Press scheme of virtual choir kits. But the greatest thanks to our members who gave up so much time during our Easter break to help keep our profile up in these times when live music-making is impossible.

UPDATE : as of 1 May 2021 the video has been viewed nearly 1,700 times on YouTube and over 8,000 times on our Facebook and Twitter pages.